2017. november 7., kedd

Arriba Espana! - English version

This year we visited our Spanish friends in Madrid again. On our arrival we faced a serious political crisis as the autonomous Catalan government unconstitutionally declared independence and then the Spanish government disbanded the Catalan Parliament and organized a new election and the army entered the province. Many people wrongly associated these events with the Szekely movement for autonomy, on the one hand, because the Catalan people have autonomy, on the other hand, because the Hungarian people living outside our borders have a motherland with protective powers. Obviously, we stand out for the united Spain which Soros György and his network is trying to destroy.

I have to note here that this day (1st Nov) the leader of the Falangist movement and 13 other members have to go to the prison of democracy because they stated their opinion on a separatist assembly.

The anniversary of the foundation of the Falangist movement is happening now, while we are staying here (exactly on this day, in 1933 it was founded where the commemoration is being held now). We visited the house in which José Antonio's office is being used by the curent leader. We visited his tomb in the Cave Church where Franco is buried, and his relatives' tombs too.

There were young and old partcipating in the commemoration, they talked about the Separatists and the sentence against them, they have to go to prison, and each and every person there demanded their freedom. It was an honour to sing the famous Falangist anthem the 'Cara el sol' (Facing the Sun) together at the end of the event. The lines of this song were illustrated by paintings on the headquarters

Unforunately, Madrid is highly infected by the liberal 'plague' which can be characterised by the huge 'Refugees Welcome' banner which has been hanging on the wall of the Town Hall for years. It goes without saying that alongside the commemoration, a protesting demonstration was also announced. There were the rainbow flags, the Russian flag with the sickle and the hammer, anarchists' flags and the communist nightmare, the flag of North Korea. I suppose the ones waving the flags would cry the most loudly if they had to live in the 'paradise for employees'.

Last year we went to look at the estate, which had been taken by the Hogar Social Madrid, and which used to be the office building of a TV company and in size and location it might be compared to the TV building we have on Szabadság Square in Budapest. Sadly, this base had had to be given up, however the patriots invaded an empty Banco di Madrid office building in the centre. The activities of HSM is similar to the ones of Italian Casa Pound, they also help families in need with food, give them a chance to live somewhere, clothes and they organise presentations and conferences. I will show you the facilities used for that:

To support them we bought some T-shirts, lottery tickets which are very popular there and can be issued for any purpose in Spain:

The place where they serve food:

As they are pain in the neck for the lefties, they need protecting equipment:

Conference hall:

Library, bar, storage rooms, gym:

Some photos of a bunker from the Civil War:

Thank you for your hospitality: Ági & Albita, Alba & Alvaro! Arriba Espana! Arriba Sempre!!

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