2017. július 2., vasárnap

Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial Weekend

Founder of our movement Ian Stuart has suddenly lost his life by a still uncleared car accident on 24 of September 1993. We tribute his memory on this weekend.

On Friday evening there will be a comradely meeting in Stingers Pub where Stigger’s Skrewdriver tracks player band mate and Hundriver - they became a band for now- will entertain the audience.

On Saturday party will continue at Crazy Mama. Hungary will be represented by Töretlen Hittel – they prepare with a huge surprise for the evening – and Romantikus Erőszak.
In this evening will be audible for the first and maybe the last time „Europe belongs to me”, the new song of RomEr with a lot of guest stars, and the song will be available on a mini CD.

One of the foreign guests is a great Swedish RAC band, Joke’s  /he might be familiar from Pittbullfarm and Pluton Svea/ new band. It has got its name from a police code – it means the crimes committed by migrants. It is Code 291.

Biggest roll of the evening might be Whitelaw because they will have double anniversary in our beautiful country as they will celebrate their 20 years existence and they will come back to Hungary second time almost day exactly after 10 years.

If you don’t want to miss Ian Stuart memorial concert this year you can buy your ticket in the 28 webshop at the prices: for Saturday 3.490 HUF , for Friday 1.000 HUF, for both evening 4.000 HUF . On the concert price are 1.000/3.990 HUF.
It is worth to hurry as we can sell just 350 tickets. It can rise just in case of good weather.

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